Blue Sky Satellite Communications supplies internationally trusted Communication Systems, Services, Equipment and Spare Parts. The company also has an excellent record in partnering with prime contractors and system integrators to deliver solutions that work. This wide range of interactions creates an environment that inspires innovation.

Cyprus is the crossroads of three major continents, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our strategic geographical location and our world-wide network of partners are here to take care of all your satellite communication, technical support and equipment needs, be it on land, at sea or in the air.

South Africa is our gateway to Africa and our operations span the entire continent. The need for reliable communications in Africa is something only a company of over 20 years can understand and support. Blue Sky Satellite Communications has a network of locally based partners throughout Africa that can be dispatched immediately and ensure issues are dealt with effectively.


Blue Sky Satellite Communications before undertaking any project, ensures that the technologies with which the communications system must integrate is fully understood. Once the team at Blue Sky Satellite Communications is satisfied that the system will meet or exceed the customers’ expectations, only then will the project go forward. Our team of communication systems integrators not only use in house expertise but also those of specialists from safety organizations, solution developers, equipment manufacturers and business professionals to ensure a complete system is not only effective but also something that will add value.

Working closely with our customers to optimize usability and satisfy the operator needs, we assess the operational impacts and constantly look at opportunities to reduce costs. Implementing new technologies costs money, however over time these investments are worth it. They improve operations, reduce costs and in most cases remove technical issues that older technologies cannot overcome. Technology is forever changing and our internal approach to reduce costs for our customers is what makes us a partner of choice.