With more than 10 years’ experience in aviation connectivity, Blue Sky Satellite Communications provides aircraft with trusted solutions to keep an aircraft connected through its range of datalink services and products. In cooperation with our partners we have put a wide range of passenger connectivity solutions together. Our customers include national carriers, charter companies and low cost carriers that we ensure their safety and operational communication requirements are met.


10 years of aviation experience and direct experience within the industry, Blue Sky Satellite Communications understands the needs of private jet owners, corporate jet management companies and charter operations used to transport high valued customers across the globe. Each operation has a unique set of requirements that we at Blue Sky Satellite Communications can put together and ensure the customers needs are met at 40000 feet.


Blue Sky Satellite Communications understands the need for highly secure and resilient connectivity when it comes to air forces. Together with our business partners we have put together a rich portfolio to cover the highly sensitive needs required by an air force especially in today’s data-rich battlefield.