What is iCSA?

Integrated Communications and Situational Awareness is the seamless unification of radio and IP communications between disparate networks and devices across wide areas of terrain (beyond the line of sight).

Why iCSA?

Government organizations today are challenged with finding the most cost effective solutions that utilize existing investments (for example existing radio and push-to-talk technologies) that can complement new technology and increase capabilities.

Situational awareness of personnel, vehicles, ships and airborne transport; defense units, emergency services and local government organizations, is critical to meeting today’s needs, when terrorism is on our door step and is as big a threat as the theatre of war.

Unification of communications and operation control centers is an important part of the iCSA capability which recognizes the need for:

One to One communication
One to Group communications
One to ALL communications

iCSA enables transmissions across wide terrains and multiple groups, with equipment ranging from radios and IP, to cell/mobile phones and more.

How does iCSA work?

Firstly, we add some sophisticated hardware to integrate and cross-connect audio (radio relay).
Secondly, we add intelligent software that can control and route these digital audio streams.
Thirdly, we add end-user applications that allow smart phones, tablets and computers to interact with the digital audio streams and radio networks.