iRAMS is a ground breaking proven vessel engine and asset management system. Global marine technologies have advanced and improved recently with added functionality such as engine monitoring via satellite communications in conjunction with GSM.The engine management system transfers operational parameters from a vessel anywhere in the world to your office. These parameters are then presented in the iRAMS solution, enabling operations staff to view and act upon the information in a near real time.

iRAMS also provides the ability to feed the vessel information automatically into your preventative maintenance schedules. The engine management system provides all this functionality and more. Installation on board your vessel of a tried and tested system that proactively monitors different aspects of your vessel is a simple and non-intrusive process.

The on-board hardware connects to your vessels most expensive component (the engines) and transmits the data in near real time to a simple to user web interface. This web interface then allows shore-based operations staff clear visibility of the not only the vessels location, but also its engine data. The engine data is presented in a format like the on-board engine MPD’s.

The standard display includes:

  • Speed and heading information
  • Total fuel used
  • Fuel burn rate
  • Throttle position
  • Engine torque
  • Engine boost
  • Engine load
  • Engine running hours
  • RPM
  • Coolant temperature
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Mains battery voltage


Increased visibility of your fleet from anywhere with a connection to the internet
Near real time positional information
Viewing of operational engine information
Reporting on operational information (temp alerts, throttle position)
Trending of data
Improved maintenance scheduling
Proven return on investment in reduced fuel usage