Iridium Communications Inc. is a satellite communications company that offers global voice and data communications coverage. A technology innovator and market leader, Iridium, in collaboration with its vast partner network, is advancing the way global enterprises conduct daily mission-critical activities through reliable, low-latency communications services.

Iridium’s 66 low-Earth orbiting (LEO) cross-linked satellites – the world’s largest commercial constellation – operate as a fully meshed network.

Reaching across land, sea, and air, including the polar regions, Iridium® solutions are ideally suited for industries such as maritime, aviation, government/military, emergency/humanitarian services, mining, forestry, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and utilities. Iridium also provides service to subscribers from the U.S. Department of Defence, as well as other civil and government agencies around the world.

Iridium sells its products, solutions and services through a network of service providers and value-added dealers.

Product description – (view or download PDF for more details)

Iridium Certus® is the new service platform powered by the $3 billion Iridium NEXT constellation. With uncompromising coverage and a range of speeds up to 1.4 Mbps, it will deliver global, reliable, enterprise-grade services while redefining the capabilities of mobile
satellite communications.

Through Iridium Certus, we’re making broadband truly mobile.Iridium Certus accommodates a full range of services – push-to talk, streaming data, data broadcast and safety services – all built on a single platform. Whether your application is large or small, high-speed or low-speed, Iridium Certus will deliver the right service to meet your
business needs.
ReliableThe unique overlapping architecture of Iridium NEXT will provide availability, redundancy and reach no others can match. Iridium is depended upon for critical communications across the globe, meeting the rigorous security requirements of governments, safety standards of
the aviation industry, and coverage of far-reaching maritime operations.
MobileInnovative, lightweight solutions for Iridium Certus, leveraging the added speed and power of Iridium NEXT, will make it easy to connect on the move. Iridium’s Low Earth Orbit constellation allows for low power, smaller form-factor devices with unprecedented levels of mobility and capability – anywhere you operate.
Enterprise-gradeIridium Certus will provide peace of mind that your operational needs will always be met. With exceptional availability and fully scalable high-performance solutions, Iridium’s reliable global network ensures mission- and business-critical capabilities are supported.

Iridium Extreme® – Unparalleled reach.
It’s time to raise expectations of what a satellite phone should be. Iridium Extreme® combines location awareness, a fully integrated SOS button with included emergency response service, and market leading toughness — letting you take durability, reliability and versatility with you in hand, all over the world.

Iridium GO!® – creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice calling and text messaging using your own smartphone or tablet, as well as provides enhanced data capabilities offered through optimized to meet your unique needs. No worries. No roaming charges. Just connected and in touch wherever you are, whenever you need, with the devices you rely on every day.

Iridium Pilot® – Powered by the world’s furthest reaching network, Iridium Pilot is the only reliable truly global connection for broadband voice and data maritime communications – delivering exceptional performance, durability and value, everywhere on the planet.

Iridium Push-to-Talk – Only Iridium® can deliver push-to-talk the way it was meant to be – fast, easy to use, and adaptable to your needs – all on the world’s largest push-to-talk network.