Kymeta ™

Kymeta™ satellite terminals go places traditional satellite antennas cannot. Backed by U.S. and international patents and licenses, Kymeta terminals make high-throughput, mobile communications possible in cars, trains, buses, trucks, boats, and much more. Combined with Kymeta KĀLO™ internet access services, Kymeta terminals provide easy, reliable, and agile communications in a lightweight, slim package.


With Kymeta™ technology connectivity, all systems onboard are connected and can be monitored and live data is instantly available such as weather, corporate news and more. Efficiency throughout the ship is improved and the cost of running the shipping fleets decreases measurably. Plus management, CTOs, CIOs, ETOs, captains, and crew have the same quality wireless connectivity at sea as they do on land.

Easy, high speed connectivity from Kymeta™ means tracking fishing fleets, scheduling crew members and managing harvests just became more manageable and more connected. Industrial fishing operations, captains, and crew have the same quality wireless connectivity experience while at sea as they do when in port. Ship data is always available to both those on the ship and to management.

Oil tanker operations require always-on availability to manage efficiency, provide real time ship data, connect with oil rig service vehicles, improve safety and provide operational intelligence. Kymeta™ provides high-throughput, always available access that allows for more flexibility in communications systems on tankers.

Kymeta ™ flat-panel technology can be recessed into the super structure of super yachts making the antennas invisible, thereby removing the unsightly domes currently required for satellite communications. Kymeta ™ flat-panels also enable significantly higher Internet connection speeds and IP-delivered entertainment content. The flat panels are also designed for next generation satellites whether geostationary or MEO/LEO satellites. Kymeta™ is already working with the world’s leading yacht designers, builders and management companies on new builds and retrofits.

Light enough to hand carry onboard, simple to set up and easy to use— Kymeta™ connectivity solutions are ideal for pleasure boats. Our low cost connected solution offers leisure boat manufacturers, OEMs and captains a simple way to connect on the water.

Cruise ships are like floating cities—and what’s a city without connectivity? Surprisingly, connectivity for cruise ships has lagged behind land-based communications. With Kymeta ™ mTenna™ technology, high-speed access for ship systems, crew, and passengers is possible. Access is omnipresent and easy to use and buy. This makes it easy for the crew and ship systems to always be connected, and access becomes an additional feature for passengers on board.

Kymeta™ terminal agnostic, lightweight, low profile, no moving parts, high throughput, low power antennas are revolutionizing government and defense Communications on the Move (COTM) and expeditionary Communications on the Pause (COTP) applications. Kymeta ™ Government Solutions (KGS) is a purpose built Kymeta ™ company, focused on the unique use cases and needs of government and defense end users.

Kymeta™ antennas are the only metamaterials-based electronically scanning array (M-ESA) flat panel antennas (FPA) on the market today and our technology delivers on multiple, never-seen-before value propositions:

Low cost: not phased array; Kymeta™ solutions have significantly lower cost to purchase and operate (CapEx/OpEx: Capital Expenditures and Operating Expenses).Low size, weight and power (SWaP): <33 in. x <3 in. / <37 lb. / <15 W power (antenna only).

Scalable: the Kymeta™ mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT enable you to network multiple antennas to increase overall throughput and coverage.

Agnostic compatibility: Kymeta™ antennas are modem/terminal agnostic and are interoperable with LEO (Low Earth Orbit), GEO (Geosynchronous Orbit) and MEO (Medium Earth Orbit), constellations.

Easy to use: one button cold start, with automatic satellite acquisition and no moving parts – you don’t need to be a satellite technician to start up and transmit a few minutes later.

Always connected: nearly instantaneous next satellite acquisition means uninterrupted connectivity using just one antenna (instead of two).

Communications on the move (COTM): Kymeta™ enables simple and reliable COTM over satellite to users with little or no SATCOM experience without the cost and complexity and maintenance of mechanical solutions.